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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Last update: 18.10.2018

Web domain , being the fundamental domain of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, is in compliance with all the standards for accessibility of information system in civil service as it is stipulated in Regulation on Standards No. MF/013261/2008-132.

Maximal accessibility and functionality is the main objective of the domain. It is still accessible after disabling pictures and cascading style sheets (CSS) and although with some restrictions, is still accessible after disabling Java and Java Script sequences. The domain is defined in relative units and its content can be very easily zoomed in and out with standard internet browsers´ tools.

Many files in *.PDF format are published on this domain. This is due to reason, that pdf files very often contains formatting or typographic parts which are either too big or the web format XHTML does not support them and thus for a user the easiest way is to download them on his or her computer. For opening of these files it is necessary to have installed Adobe Reader, which is freeware and can be downloaded from the official Adobe web site. Other published files are in *.RTF format, which can be opened and edited in all commonly used text editors. The rest of the files are published in *.xml format, which can be edited in any table editor installed on computer.

The domain has a RSS module built-in, which enables receiving of short text messages with regular content. The domain is regularly validated with W3C service for HTML Transitional 4.01 and for CSS.

If you have any problem with accessibility on the domain, you can contact help desk which is located on every sub-page of the domain.

Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic is guarantor of the content and technical operator of the domain.

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