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Information and communication

Information and communication

13.03.2014 |

Selected Indicators - Methodological notes

The branch of posts and telecommunications includes incorporated enterprises pro­vid­ing post transport, financial services, ensured electronic communication, and electronic communication network and services. Data are presented for state post, courier activity, telecommunication services in fixed and mobile telephone network, and technical equipment within telecommunication and radiocommunication service.


Turnover at current prices without VAT are receipts for own products, receipts from sale of services, and receipts for goods.

Post office is the independent postal establishment on a determined place carrying out receiving and delivery service. Some post offices also provide clearing service.

Dispatched letters items are all kinds of items containing paper documents or tiny objects sent by post offices or by mail boxes.

Letter - boxes are public boxes for the deposit of mail.

Main telephone lines are subscriber lines as a set of technical facilities for the public telephone services access network in both fixed network and exchange termination of the relevant service nodes.

Mobile telephones are lines of public radiotelephone network (NMT - Nordic Mobile Telephone, GSM - Global System of Mobile Communication), whose call number is registered in the organizations which operate public radio/telephone networks NMT, GSM.

SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a telecommunications service enabling the sending of alphanumeric short messages to phones.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a telecommunications service enabling the sending of multimedia messages (as text, digital photos, voice messages, melodies, multiphoto documents) to other phones or equipment, which enable this service.

Internet is a complex computer network enabling communication between public and private networks on different types of communication media and different technical platforms.

Source of data

All published data are the result of the statistical surveys of the Statistical Office of the SR, except performance data on posts and telecommunications, which are taken from the Ministry of Transport, Posts and telecommunications of the SR. More informations can be obtained in Yearbook of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications.


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