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Slovakia in statistics

Slovakia in statistics

Last update: 22.06.2020

My municipality in statistics

We introduce to you the Slovak municipalities in a new form. Selected statistical indicators for your municipality were enriched with a visual dimension. Through a simple, easily readable and attractive form we would like to present you some interesting figures from selected statistical domains available at the lowest territorial level.

Statistical indicators are shown in graphs. Besides the choice of a territorial parameter that allows the selection of any Slovak municipality, it is possible to monitor their development over the last 20 years.


in statistics

How many of us live in Slovakia?

We are introducing an interactive age structure of population which enables a simple comparison of the composition of inhabitants by sex and age in individual years available for Slovakia and up to the lowest territorial level.

The representation of individual age categories divided by men and women is shown in a simple graphic form. The choice of a territorial parameter allows the selection of the level of the Slovak Republic, region, district or individual municipalities. Data for the Slovak territory is available since 1945. At the lower territorial level statistical information is displayed since 1996.

How many of us live
in Slovakia?


We choose from the geography of Slovakia

The animation presents basic geographical and demographic information about Slovakia. (Content available only in Slovak.)

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