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Development of tourism in accommodation establishments in the SR in February 2021
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Development of tourism in accommodation establishments in the SR in February 2021

Last update: 23.04.2021
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Publisher: Headquarters Bratislava
Topic: Sectoral statistics
Domain: Tourism
Publish Date: 23.04.2021

The number of visitors to tourist accommodation establishments was minimal also in February, the year-on-year drop reached 94 %.

In February 2021, the closed ski resorts and the strict measures against the spread of COVID-19 reduced the number of guests in hotels, boarding houses and other accommodation establishments to a minimum. The number of visitors in the second month reached only 29 thousand people, they were work-related travellers or visitors of medical/spa facilities, almost exclusively from Slovakia.

Accommodation services within tourism were used by 29,4 thousand people in February, the number of visitors increased by 10 % compared to the previous month. The guests spent 134,6 thousand nights in accommodation establishments, their number decreased by 90,3 % year-on-year. The number of visitors to hotels, boarding houses and other tourism establishments reached 482 thousand people and 1,4 million overnight stays in the corresponding period last year.

The length of stay increased year-on-year from 2,9 to 4,6 nights, again thanks to the spa stays of domestic visitors. The highest increase in the average number of overnight stays was for the fifth month in a row in the Trenčiansky kraj, from 3,8 to 8,8 nights, and for the third month in the Banskobystrický kraj from 2,9 to 5,8 nights.

In February, the number of visitors in the Slovak Republic was mainly made up of domestic tourists, representing a 82,1 % share of the total number of accommodated visitors. Their number decreased by 92,4 % year-on-year to 24,1 thousand persons. In February, the most domestic tourists visited Žilinský kraj (4,9 thousand people) and Bratislavský kraj (4,3 thousand people).

In February similarly as in January, accommodation establishments in Slovakia were visited by only 5,2 thousand foreign visitors, last year the number of visitors was higher by 165 thousand, representing a year-on-year drop by 96,8 %. The highest number of foreign visitors was registered in Bratislavský kraj (nearly 2 thousand persons) and in Trnavský kraj (764 persons). Trenčiansky kraj was visited by the least tourists.

In total, for the first two months of 2021, 56 thousand visitors were accommodated in tourism establishments, which represented a year-on-year decrease by 94 %. Year-on-year, the number of domestic visitors decreased by 92,4 % and the number of foreigners by 96,8 % in two months.

Note: Statistics of accommodation establishments contain data from all legal entities and natural persons with assigned registration number, which are kept in the Register of Accommodation Establishments of the SO SR and provide temporary accommodation to visitors of tourism.


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