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Turnover in internal trade in May 2021
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Turnover in internal trade in May 2021

Last update: 06.07.2021
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Publisher: Headquarters Bratislava
Topic: Sectoral statistics
Domain: Trade and food services
Publish Date: 06.07.2021

In May, business turnover exceeded the pre-Covid level, accommodation and food services are still catching it up

Retail turnover in May 2021 exceeded the level of the previous year by more than a tenth,  it even exceeded the pre-Covid turnover level (from May 2019) by 5 %. However, so far only three retail components had higher turnover than before the pandemic - hypermarkets, retail sale not in stores, stalls and markets (including mail order and internet sales) and specialized stores for household.

Retail turnover in May 2021 was higher by 11,5 % year-on-year, while achieving the same growth as in the previous month. Currently, from the nine monitored retail activities, a year-on-year growth was recorded in seven of them, three of which have already reached the level of May turnover before the pandemic (compared to May 2019).

The month-on-month turnover development 1) was upward in May 2021, the most significant growth was in food and beverage service activities (by 41,7 %). Turnover in accommodation was higher by 8,2 %, in wholesale by 5,2 % and in retail trade by 1,4 %. There was a decrease only in the sale and repair of motor vehicles reaching 3,8 %.

The year-on-year growth of retail turnover by 11,5 % was most significantly influenced by higher turnover of sellers in specialized stores by 24,5 %, which include among others the sale of footwear, textiles and drugstores, although they did not reach the level of 2019, but were approaching it significantly. The second most significant was the growth in specialized stores with automotive fuels by 17,5 %, the volume of their turnover almost equaled to the pre-Covid May 2019.

Turnover in the sale and repair of motor vehicles rose by 47,9 % year-on-year, with all three components contributing to the year-on-year growth. Wholesale turnover developed favorably, the growth in May was 28 %. Compared to the last year´s drops, turnover in accommodation rose by 40,7%, it also increased more significantly in food and beverage services by 13,7 %. However, they are still below the level of two years ago.

In summary, in the five months of 2021, turnover in sale and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles increased by 21,2 %, it also increased in wholesale by 12,3 % and in retail trade by 1,8 %. The turnover drop in accommodation was at the level of 68,8 % and turnover in food and beverage services reached only two thirds of the turnover volume last year (a drop by 33,1 %).

Note: preliminary data; indices are calculated from data at constant prices, (average 2015=100-except wholesale where the indices are calculated from current prices)
1) From seasonally adjusted data
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