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Turnover in selected sectors of economy in April 2021
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Turnover in selected sectors of economy in April 2021

Last update: 14.06.2021
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Publisher: Headquarters Bratislava
Topic: Sectoral statistics
Domain: Comprehensive products
Publish Date: 14.06.2021


Turnover in industry have reached pre-pandemic level, selected market services and construction are still significantly lagging behind

In April 2021, turnover of all the monitored sectors of the economy grew year-on-year but so far only information and communication activities as well as the transport sector have reached the pre-Covid level. With three-quarters of the growth, the industry erased almost the entire turnover drop created a year ago. However, the double-digit lag behind the pre-pandemic level of turnover is still felt in construction and selected market services.

The current higher turnover growth in selected sectors is associated with the comparative base; in last April, the anti-pandemic measures were fully manifested, which is transferred among others to the fall of the turnover indicator. The production of most companies was suspended, service operations were closed, and the mobility of the population was limited.

In April 2021 turnover in industry increased by 77,6 % year-on-year, in manufacture of transport equipment it increased fourfold . At the same time, however, current turnover in industry was lower by 1,9 % lower than in April two years ago (2019).

The development in transport was positive, recording a third increase in turnover also in information and communication activities, where turnover increased by 2,5 % year-on-year, both sectors also exceeded the pre-pandemic level (April 2019).

Turnover rose year-on-year also in construction (by 6,6 %), as well as in selected market services (by 6 %), however, both sectors are lagging behind pre-Covid levels. From the specific activities in services, the highest turnover drop was registered by the activities of travel agencies and offices, i.e. almost by 40 %. 

Development in April 2021 compared to March 2021 1)

In April compared to March 2021, turnover increased only in selected market services by 2,3 %. In other sectors, turnover decreased on a month-on-month basis, mostly in transportation and storage by 3,1 %. In information and communication they decreased by 2 %, in construction by 1,9 % and in industry by 1,2 %.

Development in April 2021 compared with April 2020

In April, turnover in industry, increased by 77,6 % year-on-year. The overall increase was supported by an increase, with one exception, in all 16 industries monitored 2) . A higher turnover than before the pandemic (as in April 2019) was achieved in eight out of the 16 industries.

Turnover in manufacture of transport equipment increased the most, it increased fourfold compared to the previous year, in spite of that it has not reached the pre-pandemic level (April 2019). A significant increase in total turnover was caused by last year's situation, when the majority of companies stopped their production and turnover in industry recorded their deepest decline (by 44,8 %), which was mostly due to a turnover drop in manufacture of transport equipment, which last year reached only a quarter of the volume of 2019.

Turnover also increased significantly in the manufacture of metals by 44 %, in manufacture of rubber and plastic products by 72,4 %, in manufacture of machinery n.e.c by 65 % ​​and in manufacture of computer products by 88,7 %. In last April, each of these sectors recorded a turnover drop of over 20 %. The only year-on-year turnover drop was in manufacture of pharmaceutical products by 22,9 %, which was the only growing component among the industry in April a year ago.

In construction, turnover rose for the second month in a row, increasing by 6,6 % year-on-year. In the corresponding period last year, they began to decrease significantly, the drop approached 17 %.

Turnover in transportation and storage 3) in April 2021 was one third higher year-on-year and with a growth of 34,3 % it reached the level of April two years ago. The increase was supported by almost all activities, mostly warehouse and support activities whose turnover rose by almost half year-on-year and land transport and transport via pipelines it rose by more than 30 %. Of the five activities in transport and storage activities, only two rose above the pre-pandemic level - warehousing and support activities and postal and courier services.

For the second time in a row, turnover in information and communication 4) (ICT) also increased year-on-year, i.e. by 2,5 %. Mostly those activities increased which decreased the most in the corresponding period last year, i.e. motion picture, television programme production by 84,2 % and in activities for radio broadcasting by 39,8 %. Turnover decreased year-on-year in the most significant activities, i.e. computer programming, in the corresponding period last year, they were in year-on-year growth, as well as the total turnover of the whole industry.

Turnover in selected market services 5) increased by 6 % in April, increasing for the first time this year, but still remaining almost 10 % lower than in the pre-pandemic period. The year-on-year growth in total turnover was most significantly affected by an increase in office administrative, office support activities by 28,4 % and in gaming and betting offices by 16,5 %. Turnover of the activities of travel agencies and offices also increased, being half as high as in the corresponding period last year (when they reached only a quarter of the volume in 2019, they currently remain well below its level). The level of turnover in the pre-pandemic period was exceeded only by two activities, i.e. in the field of ​​real estate as well as in administrative and office support activities.

Development over the first four month of 2021 compared with the corresponding period in 2020

In summary, over the first four months, turnover in industry rose by 17,8 %, year-on-year, most significantly in manufacture of transport equipment by 37,8 %, in manufacture of metals by 14,7 %, but also in manufacture of computer products by 34,8 %.

Turnover in transportation and storage also increased by 10,5 %, while in information and communication activities they increased by 1,7 %. Year-on-year, turnover in selected market services decreased by 7,1 %, as well as turnover of construction entities by 6,7 %.

Note: preliminary data; according to the monthly survey; the indices in industry, construction and in selected market services have been calculated from constant prices using the base year 2015; in transportation and storage; in information and communication, the indices are calculated from the current prices
1) From seasonally adjusted data
2) According to the statistical classification of economic activities SK NACE Rev. 2 the structure of the industry consists of four sections - Mining and quarrying, Industrial production, Supply of elec-tricity, gas, steam and air-conditioning and Water supply; sewerage and waste management. Industrial production is further broken down into 13 special groupings of industries.
3) Section Transportation and storage includes the following divisions: land transport and transport via pipelines; water transport; air transport; warehousing and support activities for transportation; postal and courier activities
4) Section Information and communication activities includes the following divisions: publishing activities; motion picture, video and television program production, sound recording and music publishing activities; programming and broadcasting activities; telecommunications; computer programming, consultancy and related activities;
5) Selected market services include activities such as real estate activities; professional, scientific and technical activities; administrative and support service activities; arts, entertainment and recreation; other service activities and division other education and educational support activities


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