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29.06.2022 Headquarters Bratislava | Business tendency surveys and consumer opinions | Information Reports

Business tendency surveys in selected sectors and consumer confidence in Slovakia in June 2022

Pessimism among entrepreneurs in the evaluation of the economy significantly rose again in June, mostly in industry and services.

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29.06.2022 Headquarters Bratislava | Business tendency surveys and consumer opinions | Information Reports

Economic sentiment indicator in June 2022

The overall economic sentiment in Slovakia deteriorated significantly in June 2022 after a three-month rise in optimism.

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28.06.2022 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | Consumer prices and prices of production statistics

Development of prices in production area in May 2022

The price growth dynamics of industry slightly slowed down, but prices of agricultural products continued to grow unstoppably.

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27.06.2022 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | Population and migration

Demography – deaths and causes of deaths in the SR in May 2022

The number of deaths of Slovakia was lower than the five-year average, 77 people died of COVID-19 infection in May.

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24.06.2022 Transport and postal services | Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports

Freight and passenger transport in April 2022

Freight transport slowed down by more than 7% in April 2022, mainly the volume of goods transported by road dropped. In passenger transport the number of passengers was higher year-on-year.


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01.07.2022 | Comprehensive products | Headquarters Bratislava | yearly | Yearbook

Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic 2021

The Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic 2021 is the most comprehensive comprehensive work of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.

Stavebná produkcia zamestnanci a mzdy v stavebných podnikoch SR

15.06.2022 | Headquarters Bratislava | Construction | Publication - Data overview | monthly

Construction Production, Employees and Wages in Construction Companies in the SR, April 2022

Summary monthly results on construction.

Pohyb obyvateľstva v Slovenskej republike (Pramenné dielo)

14.06.2022 | Headquarters Bratislava | yearly | Publication - Data overview | Population and migration

The Population Change in the SR ('Source Publication') in 2021

The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic publishes the source book of demographic statistics 'The Population Change in the SR...

Výsledky štvrťročných zisťovaní v priemysle SR a výroba vybraných výrobkov/Results of Quarterly Surveys in Industry and Production of Selected Goods

13.06.2022 | Headquarters Bratislava | quarterly | Publication - Data overview | Industry

Quarterly surveys results of industry in the SR and selected goods production in the 1st quarter of 2022

Development of selected indicators (number of employees, wages, wage resources, worked hours, financial indicators) in the Slovak industry...

Štruktúra miezd v Slovenskej republike

01.06.2022 | Headquarters Bratislava | yearly | Labour cost | Publication - Data overview

Structure of earnings in the Slovak Republic in 2021

Results of the structure of earnings sample survey in the SR classified by occupation, sex, age and education.

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