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29.11.2023 Statistical Office of the SR | Business tendency surveys and consumer opinions | Information Reports

Business tendency surveys in selected sectors and consumer confidence in Slovakia in November 2023

The confidence of entrepreneurs and consumers in the Slovak economy improved again after two months of unfavourable de-velopment.

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28.11.2023 Statistical Office of the SR | Information Reports | Consumer prices and prices of production statistics

Development of prices in production area in October 2023

Lower industrial producer prices continue to be supported mainly by the decline in small sectors, while prices in the most important sectors and in the energy sector recorded a further slowdown in growth dynamics.

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27.11.2023 Statistical Office of the SR | Informatívne správy | Tourism

Tourism Satellite Account 2021

Despite a slight recovery, the share of tourism in the performance of the economy also decreased in the second year of the pandemic.

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24.11.2023 Transport and postal services | Statistical Office of the SR | Information Reports

Freight and passenger transport in September 2023

Freight transport reached the highest volumes of goods in the last sixteen months, its performance increased by 17%.

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16.11.2023 Statistical Office of the SR | Information Reports | Consumer prices and prices of production statistics

Harmonized indices of consumer prices in October 2023

In October 2023 annual inflation measured by the harmonized index of consumer prices according to the European harmonized methodology reached the value 7,8 %. The month-on-month HICP inflation reached the value of 0.2 %.


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30.11.2023 | Region of Košice | yearly | Regional Office Košice | Yearbook

Regional capital city Košice 2022

A comprehensive overview of statistical information on demographic, economic and social development of Košice city.

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23.11.2023 | Statistical Office of the SR | yearly | Region of Bratislava | Yearbook

Statistical yearbook of the capital of the SR Bratislava 2023

Comprehensive characteristics of Bratislava, through spectrum of demographic, economic and social statistical information in recent five years.

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15.11.2023 | Statistical Office of the SR | yearly | Construction | Yearbook

Yearbook of construction in SR 2023

Basic indicators characterising the activities of construction supplier enterprises divided by NACE Rev.2, type of business ownership and size...

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15.11.2023 | Statistical Office of the SR | yearly | Publication - Data overview | Súborné produkty

Food consumption in the SR in 2022

Food consumption in the SR in 2022.

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31.10.2023 | Statistical Office of the SR | quarterly | Analytic publication | Labour

Employment and unemployment in the SR (Labour Force Survey Results) for the 2 nd quarter 2023

Data on employed and unemployed persons from the survey conducted in households for the 2nd quarter 2023.

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