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26.01.2022 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | Population and migration

Demography – deaths and causes of deaths in the SR in December 2021

In Slovakia, 7.5 thousand people died in December, it was by 43 % more than in previous years. COVID-19 was the second most important cause of death in the SR, one out of five people died.

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21.01.2022 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | Tourism

Development of tourism in accommodation establishments in the SR in November 2021

In November, the number of foreign visitors to hotels increased fourfold, year-on-year, and the number of domestic visitors increased by a third. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, however, it is only a quarter of the total number of visitors.

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20.01.2022 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | Consumer prices and prices of production statistics

Harmonized indices of consumer prices in December 2021

Inflation measured in a harmonized manner in the EU was lower than national inflation in 2021, remaining below 3 %.

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17.01.2022 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | Industry

New orders in industry in November 2021

In November 2021 compared with November 2020, new orders in industry decreased by 3,7 % at constant prices.

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14.01.2022 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | Consumer prices and prices of production statistics

Development of consumer prices in December 2021

In December compared with November, consumer prices increased by 0,2 % in total and compared with December 2020 they rose by 5,8 %.


Vybrané ukazovatele a priemyselná produkcia / Selected Indicators and Industrial Production

21.01.2022 | Headquarters Bratislava | Publication - Data overview | monthly | Industry

Selected indicators and industrial production 11/2021

Selected Indicators and Industrial production 11/2021

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19.01.2022 | Headquarters Bratislava | yearly | Regional statistics | Yearbook

Regional statistical yearbook of Slovakia 2021

The publication is a rich information source of regional data.

Stavebná produkcia zamestnanci a mzdy v stavebných podnikoch SR

14.01.2022 | Headquarters Bratislava | Construction | Publication - Data overview | monthly

Construction production, employees and wages in construction companies in the SR, November 2021

Summary monthly results on construction.

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03.01.2022 | Comprehensive products | Headquarters Bratislava | yearly | Yearbook

Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic 2021

The Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic 2020 presents development of the SR until 2019 including more than 30 domains.


31.12.2022 | Headquarters Bratislava | yearly | Energy | Publication - Data overview

Energy 2020

Energy balance in the SR, the data on consumption of fuels and energy in selected branches as well as the data on selected indicators ...

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