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1.1 Organization Štatistický úrad Slovenskej republiky
1.2 Address Lamačská 3/C, 840 05 Bratislava
1.3 Contact name Peter Kuška
1.4 Organization unit Odbor štatistiky stavebníctva, obchodu a služieb
1.5 Phone number +421 2 50236 341; +421 2 50236 339
1.6 Email address info@statistics.sk
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2.1 Date of last update 24.09.2021
Popis štatistikyUp
3.1  Popis údajov

The quarterly survey contains basic data on dwellings according to their construction stage, structure
dwellings, their floor area according to the number of rooms, building permits and occupancy permits.
The main indicators of the survey are:
- dwellings under construction as at 1.1.
- dwellings started
- completed dwellings
- useful area of completed dwellings
- decreases in dwellings
- number of building permits
- number of occupancy permit decisions

3.2  Klasifikačný systém
Branch Classification of Economic Activities (SK NACE Rev. 2) - Branch Classification of Economic Activities - NACE rev.2

Classification of statistical territorial units - Nomenclature of territorial units for statistical purposes - NUTS 2010

Classification of building types (CC)

3.3  Pokrytie štatistických oblastí a okruhov

3-digit CC level

3.4  Štatistické pojmy a definície

Completed dwellings are those that were passed as acceptable by an approving officer after construction completion. It refers to completed dwellings in constructions intended for living, i.e. in housing buildings, family houses and in polyfunctional buildings. There are included also dwelling in constructions undisposed for living, for example in administrative buildings, banks, posts, stations. Completed dwellings refer to dwellings acquired by new construction, improvements or another construction repairs.

Average living area of completed dwelling expresses housing space (m2) per one completed dwelling.

Useful floor area of completed dwelling is the area of all rooms of completed dwelling. There are not included common non-housing space serving for all users of dwelling (staircase) and non-housing rooms used by dwellings users (cellars, room for prams, common laundry) and balconies or loggias.

Decrease of dwellings is represented by decrease of existing dwelling number on the base of given decision of construction offices on their extinction (demolition, abolition or change of utilization).

   Building permits is a permit to start work on a construction project. The variable shall be compiled on the basis of the permits issued for new residential and two-dwelling residential buildings. Living space is a room or hall of rooms with internal accessories arranged in a functional unit with its own enclosure, intended for housing.
3.5  Štatistická jednotka


3.6  Cieľová populácia
Approximately 3,000 municipalities are included.


3.7  Geografické pokrytie

The survey covers all regions of the Slovak Republic. Reporting agents are resident in the territory of the Slovak Republic and provide data on their domestic activities and activities outside them if the activities performed are subject to tax and other obligations in relation to Slovak legislation.

3.8  Časové pokrytie

Time series since 2004

3.9  Bázické obdobie

Not apply

Merná jednotkaUp

Absolute data shall be transmitted to Eurostat.

Inštitucionálny mandátUp
6.1  Právne akty a iné dohody

Act no. 540/2001 on state statistics as amended and supplemented by other regulations.
The obligation to provide data is specified in the Statistical Act and its provisions (Program
national statistical surveys).

6.2  Spoločné využívanie údajov

The required variables have been transmitted to Eurostat since 2003.

Štatistická dôvernosťUp
7.1  Politika štatistickej dôvernosti

The confidentiality of statistical data is laid down in Act No. 540/2001 Coll. On State Statistics, v
as amended, § 30.
Guidance and guidance are provided in the SME Internal Guideline - 1/2015 - Data Protection Directive
confidentiality supplemented by the MET-1/2013 Guideline. The Directive contains general questions
confidentiality, with methodological guidance focusing on specific methods and values
parameters that are used in the confidentiality stage of specific statistical results
surveys and data sets.

7.2  Zaobchádzanie s údajmi
the protected data cell is for less than 3
Politika zverejňovaniaUp
8.1  Kalendár prvého zverejnenia

The calendar of the first edition takes into account the compilation dates defined by Eurostat.

8.2  Prístup ku kalendáru prvého zverejnenia
The first edition calendar is publicly available. It shall be disseminated on the Office's website and on a monthly basis
publication "Monitor of Economy of the Slovak Republic".
At the same time, the data shall be made available to all interested parties by the publication of the "
reports ", which are published on the website of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.
8.3  Prístup používateľov k štatistickým informáciám

Users are informed:
• in accordance with the internal guidelines on value added processes, part of the communication with
• through a survey of user satisfaction with the products and services of the SO SR in
biennial periodicity;
• through action to learn about key users' expectations; and
to promote better interpretation and better use of statistical products (Action Program
defined by the development strategy of the CSR and expressed in the marketing plan for the relevant
year); activities are evaluated in the annual evaluation of the marketing plan; Document Overview
activities aimed at learning about key users' expectations and promoting better ones
interpretation and better use of statistical products
• through user meetings held in accordance with the Action Program
defined in the strategy of the SO SR development and reflected in the marketing plan for the relevant
Year: to undertake activities to identify key users' expectations;
promoting better interpretation and better use of statistics.
The first edition is in the form of an information report or press conference. It exists permanent
the rule that all users have the right to provide information at the same time. Outputs (information)
reports) are released at standard time of day (at 9.00 am)
in accordance with the principles of publication and provision of statistical information.



Catalog of publications 2018

10  Dostupnosť a zrozumiteľnosťUp
10.1  Tlačové správy
Issued quarterly on the website of the SO SR.

Statistical website

10.2  Publikácie

Published annually in the publication "Yearbook of the Slovak Republic" and in the summary report.

10.3  On-line databázy

Published annually in the DataCube database


10.4  Prístup k mikroúdajom

Micro data is not disseminated

10.5  Iné
Key users of specific product statistics are listed in the marketing plan:

international organizations - Eurostat, OECD.

national institutions - Ministry of Transport and Regional Development of the SR, National Bank of Slovakia.

10.6  Dokumentácia o metodike

The metadata for selected indicators is extended in the SDDS structure.
Statistical output metadata is available independently of publication (electronic and printed).
Metadata updates are carried out by those responsible for the topic after changing the methodology.
The metadata are updated in public databases according to the methodological guidelines for the database
SLOVSTAT and REGDAT databases. Updating metadata distributed in databases as well as metadata
carried out on the portal according to the annual update schedules; are submitted to
top management meeting for approval.
The relevant documents are the Rules and Principles for the Development and Updating of the SLOVSTAT Database
Methodological Directive on the use of the regional statistics warehouse.
On the website of the SO SR are available:
• statistical questionnaire forms in the national version, including methodological notes;
• methodological sheets (description of detailed statistical indicators) in the national version.

10.7  Dokumentácia o kvalite

Methodological Guidelines Quality Indicators of Statistical Outputs and Processes (MET-2/2012) a Application of mathematical-statistical methods for statistical surveys (MET-3/2012) is available
for the creation of statistical data.
Quality reports are currently being drawn up, if required by European regulations in accordance with ESS Quality Report (EQHQR).
The quality reports are integrated into the new Integrated Statistical Information System ISIS
and updated internal guidelines on value-added processes.

11  Riadenie kvalityUp
11.1  Zabezpečovanie kvality

The quality policy is defined and made available to the public in:
- Quality statement and quality policy.
- The quality manual covers all elements of ISO 9001: 2008.
There are defined internal guidelines on the value added processes supported
managerial processes.
The European Statistics Code of Practice is the backbone of the whole SMK

11.2  Hodnotenie kvality
At present, each statistical survey is processed into an integrated statistical survey
the information system (IIS), including all necessary data entry issues,
completeness of data and statistical controls. This process is organized by specialized workplaces
Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. Cross-checking is carried out in the context of the statistical process control. Comparisons with developments in previous periods are made.

12  RelevantnosťUp
12.1  Potreby používateľov

Users are consulted in the form of cooperation with other organizations (ministries and
other state organizations) in the preparation of the Program of State Statistical Surveys.
In practice, users are consulted on a bilateral basis as well as in the framework of activities,
covered by the action program. Learning to learn about key expectations
users, and to promote better interpretation and use of statistical products.
Key users of specific product statistics are listed in the marketing plan:
• international organizations - Eurostat, OECD.
• National institutions - Ministry of Transport and Regional Development of the SR, National Bank

12.2  Spokojnosť používateľov

The housing sector is not specifically assessed

12.3  Úplnosť štatistických informácií

Quarterly time series have been available since 2004.

13  Presnosť a spoľahlivosťUp
13.1  Celková presnosť
Irregularities are consulted directly with the reporting units at our workplace in Košice
13.2  Výberové chyby
is not relevant
13.3  Nevýberové chyby

14  Včasnosť a dochvíľnosťUp
14.1  Včasnosť

Data are released at national level and transmitted to Eurostat approximately. 65 days after reference

14.2  Dochvíľnosť

All deadlines were respected.

15  Porovnateľnosť a koherentnosťUp
15.1  Geografická porovnateľnosť

The same statistical concepts apply to the whole area of the Slovak Republic.

15.2  Porovnateľnosť v čase

Data in time series are comparable over time.

15.3  Prierezová koherentnosť

15.4  Vnútorná koherentnosť

There are no problems with internal consistency

17  Revízia údajovUp
17.1  Politika revízií

Revisions are in accordance with ROZ-3/2018 Revision Policy of the SO SR.
The same revision policy shall apply to JTS data released at national level and transmitted to
According to the revision policy of the SO SR, the revised data are accompanied by all necessary data explanations (reasons, character, etc.) And are accessible through the SO SR portal.
Revision rules and revision calendar of the SO SR as well as all necessary explanations are accessible via the SO SR portal.

17.2  Revízia údajov v praxi

The primary source of current revisions is the need for data revisions as a result of the data available
from quarterly surveys received from reporting agents or corrected data from
reporting units.

18  Štatistické spracovanieUp
18.1  Zdrojové údaje
Municipalities provide data on a quarterly basis.

18.2  Periodicita zberu údajov


18.3  Zber údajov

Data collection is organized by the Office of the SO SR in Košice. Data should be submitted by
On the 12th calendar day after the end of the reference period

18.4  Validácia údajov

Data input, data completeness and statistical control are performed at the SO SR workplace.
Two levels of control:
1. formal checks that are automatically carried out in the data entry process
2. informal checks aimed at checking the relationships between variables
Two basic types of informal controls are classified according to importance:
I - Informative control - This control provides additional information that is important to the
the following repair process. It also informs about some irregularities in the fulfillment of the questionnaire, o
unresponsive item, exceeded limits, etc.
Z - check of great importance - usually the exact error is checked and must always be corrected
or explained.
Most of the errors are consulted directly with the reporting units of the SO SR

18.5  Spôsob spracovania údajov

Basic data are available at the three-digit CC level and then aggregated to the required level
CC level. Aggregated data broken down by ownership and

18.6  Úprava údajov