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1.1 Organization The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
1.2 Address Miletičova 3, 824 67 Bratislava
1.3 Contact name Daniela Varholová
1.4 Organization unit Cross-sectional Statistics Department
1.5 Phone number +421 2 50236 341; +421 2 50236 339
1.6 Email address info@statistics.sk
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2.1 Date of last update 17.03.2021
Statistical presentationUp
3.1  Data description

The data provide users with information on hunting grounds and their area by owner, and information on spring stock of game and hunting by species.

3.2  Classification system

Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (SK NACE Rev. 2)

Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS)

3.3  Sector coverage

Hunting statistics cover the statistical area according to SK NACE 01.7 Hunting, trapping and related service activities.

3.4  Statistical concepts and definitions

Hunting ground is a hunting ground or a set of continuous hunting grounds of one or more owners defined in the decision of the hunting authority of the state where hunting rights can be exercised.

Game is a population of wildlife species.

Spring stock of game number of specimens kept in the relevant quality class at 31 March.

Hunting of game hunting, shooting, trapping, and hunting with predators or ferret.

3.5  Statistical unit

Users of hunting grounds.

3.6  Statistical population

All users of hunting grounds.

3.7  Reference area

Statistics of hunting are available for the SR together.

3.8  Time coverage


3.9  Base period

Not applicable.

Unit of measureUp

A hectare for hunting grounds and a piece for spring stock of game and hunting.

Reference periodUp

The reference period is the year.

Institutional mandateUp
6.1  Legal acts and other agreements

Information on forestry is obtained by the SO SR on the basis of administrative sources from the chapter of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the SR. The Ministry (through the National Forest Center) collects data in the Poľov (MPRV SR) 12-01 survey included in Annex no. 2 Program of State Statistical Survey, issued for a three-year period in the Collection of Laws of the Slovak Republic. The reporting obligation to submit data to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic (through the National Forest Center) follows from Act no. 540/2001 Coll. on State Statistics as amended (Section 18 (3)) and cannot be rejected (Section 18 (8)). The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic is responsible for the protection of confidential data obtained and guarantees their use exclusively for statistical purposes. The collection of statistical information on hunting is also included in Section 31 of Act No. 274/2009 Z.z. on Hunting as amended (Hunting Statistics and Information System in Hunting).

6.2  Data sharing

Outputs from processed data are not directly reported at European level. However, given the fact that hunting statistics data often provide a single comprehensive output for the entire territory of the Slovak Republic, they are also used by other organizations (ŠOP SR, SPK) to produce reports for the EU.

Confidentiality Up
7.1  Confidentiality - policy

Protection of statistical confidentiality (protection of confidential statistical data) is a system of interrelated measures in the legislative, methodological, organizational, technical, security and personnel fields, preventing the leakage of confidential statistical data or the premature publication of statistical information. Authorities performing state statistics are obliged to ensure the protection of confidential statistical data from misuse in the manner set out in § 25a and § 29 and 30 of Act No. 540/2001 Coll. on State Statistics, as amended. The principles of the application of confidential statistical data protection are available on the SO SR website at:


7.2  Confidentiality - data treatment

Confidential statistical data are not disclosed. In the publications and databases of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, the symbol "D" is placed in the respective places instead of the data. Only research entities for scientific purposes may have access to confidential data, see paragraph 8.4 of this report for details.

Release policyUp
8.1  Release calendar

15. 5. after the end of the reference year.

8.2  Release calendar access


8.3  User access

The statistical information dissemination policy is formulated in accordance with the State Statistics Act, the Statistical Office Development Strategy, the Eurostat Information Dissemination Strategy and the European Statistics Code of Practice.
The principles of publishing and providing statistical information are available on the SO SR website at:


10  Accessibility and clarityUp
10.1  News release


10.2  Publications

The Hunting Statistical Yearbook of the SR is available from 15 May after the end of the reference year at: https://gis.nlcsk.org/IBULH/PolovStat/PolovStat.

Data on hunting are published in the publication Selected indicators on Environment, which is available on the website of the SO SR


Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic - contains data also for the area of hunting.

Selected indicators on Environment is published according to the Catalogue of publications. The Catalogue of publications contains basic information about publications, release dates and language versions. All publications are available at the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. The Catalogue of publications is available on the website of the SO SR at:


10.3  On-line database

SO SR database: DATAcube, access at:


10.4  Micro-data access

Micro data is not published. Research entities may only have access to anonymised micro data for scientific purposes:

- universities and other higher education organizations

- organizations or institutions of scientific research.

The conditions for granting access to confidential statistical data for scientific purposes can be found on the SO SR website at:


10.5  Other


10.6  Documentation on methodology

The methodology of filling in the questionnaire is attached to the form of the statistical questionnaire Polov (MPRV SR) 12-01.

10.7  Quality documentation

SO SR internal documentation to ensure the quality of statistical outputs:

- Methodological guideline for applying mathematical-statistical methods for the statistical survey MET-3/2012

- Methodological Instruction - Quality Indicators of Statistical Outputs and Statistical Processes MET-2/2012

11  Quality managementUp
11.1  Quality assurance

The SO SR has a quality management system in place. The Quality Manual includes a description of the quality management system and the fulfillment of ISO 9001 requirements. The application of the Manual ensures that all activities that affect the quality of the products being produced are planned, managed, reviewed, evaluated and meet the requirements accepted in the order. The Quality Guide is available at:


The basis of the whole quality management system is the Code of Practice for European Statistics:


11.2  Quality assessment

The quality of hunting statistics is very good.

12  Relevance Up
12.1  User needs

The main users of data on hunting are: central government authorities, research organizations, academia, researchers and students, professional associations, etc.

12.2  User satisfaction

Since 2009, the Statistical Office of the SR has been conducting customer satisfaction surveys with its products and services at two-year intervals. The aim of the surveys is to get information about the interest and opinions of users on providing and quality of statistical products and services. The information obtained is a valuable source for the further activities of the SO SR. The result of the satisfaction survey in 2017 is available on the website of the SO SR at:


It was not measured for hunting statistics.

12.3  Completeness

100% - Data is available for all statistics required. Time series of data for individual indicators are available in the public database of the SO SR.

13  Accuracy and reliabilityUp
13.1  Overall accuracy

The overall accuracy of the hunting statistics is good; a thorough verification of the data is carried out at the level of the District Offices - Land and Forest Department (first-level authority of the state hunting administration).

13.2  Sampling error

Not relevant.

13.3  Non-sampling error

The statistical reporting information system incorporates logical and data checks at the micro-data level as well as at the aggregated data level that are carried out during data collection and processing. In the event of serious errors, the figure shall be corrected in consultation with the reporting agent.

Data is not imputed or added up.

14  Timeliness and punctualityUp
14.1  Timeliness

Publication of data in the public database of the SO SR is governed by an internal schedule. Data on hunting are published within 11 months after the reference year.

14.2  Punctuality

Publication deadlines are met.

15  Coherence and comparabilityUp
15.1  Comparability - geographical

Not relevant. Statistics of hunting are compiled for the whole territory of the Slovak Republic.

15.2  Comparability - over time

The published data are fully comparable.

15.3  Coherence - cross domain

Not relevant.

15.4  Coherence - internal

There are no deviations, statistical outputs are internally consistent.

16  Cost and burdenUp

To reduce the costs and burden of respondents to a minimum, a web application for reporting was developed. Data that has been valid since the hunting ground was established, has been filled in automatically.

17  Data revisionUp
17.1  Data revision - policy

The revision policy governs the basic rules and general procedures by which the pre-drafted data is later revised as well as applied in revisions for other reasons. The revision policy and calendar is available on the SO SR website at:



17.2  Data revision - practice

Not applicable.

18  Statistical processingUp
18.1  Source data

Statistics for hunting are carried out on the basis of the statistical survey of Poľov (MPRV SR) 12-01.

18.2  Frequency of data collection


18.3  Data collection

Completed questionnaires sent by post.

As of 1 January 2018, an electronic form of the questionnaire is also available.

18.4  Data validation

 All questionnaires are processed in the information system for processing statistical reports, where logical and data checks are built at the micro-data level as well as at the aggregated data level.

18.5  Data compilation

Data are processed for Slovakia together. In the Hunting Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic and IBULH application (https://gis.nlcsk.org/IBULH/PolovStat/PolovStat), where they can be further filtered by individual categories.

18.6  Adjustment

Data are not being adjusted.

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