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Statistical Office SR
Open data

Open data

Last update: 25.06.2020

Based on the Government Resolution of the Slovak Republic No 59/2015 of 11 February 2015 approving the Open Government Partnership  Action Plan of the Slovak Republic 2015, the Statistical Office of the SR publishes available data in open formats with text description of published data content.

Open data Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic is available on the open data portal URL:

Open data portal was created as a part of the Initiative for Open Governance, which intention is to improve governance and public matters, through increasing transparency, effectivity and responsibility. The portal is a catalog containing various datasets published by obliged entities in the Slovak republic.

The Open data of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic is available directly on the website:

Other links:

Data access:

All data are available free of charge more info is in Conditions for use and further dissemination of the SO SR statistical data.

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