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Statistical Office SR
Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic 2021
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Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic 2021

Last update: 01.07.2022
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Publisher: Headquarters Bratislava
Topic: Comprehensive products
Domain: Comprehensive products
Publish Date: 01.07.2022
Periodicity: yearly
Language versions: SK/EN
Number of pages: 690
Publication code:

The Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic 2021 is the most comprehensive comprehensive work of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, which presents the development of Slovakia until 2020 on almost 700 pages in 31 subject areas. Data on the demographic, social and economic development of Slovakia, as well as the international position of our country in the world are ranked in comparable time series in accordance with updated classifications.

The data in Chapter 1 Primary Economic Indicators map the development of the economy in the years 2007 to 2020. The other chapters contain data mostly in five-year time series. The publication involves methodology and definitions of basic indicators, as well as data sources.

For the first time, we offer you the entire publication in a new electronic format. In addition to the version e-book (PDF) we provide all tables in excel files, which allow easier to work with the presented data. Another important novelty of this issue is the connection of the statistical yearbook with the public database of the Statistical Office of the SR DATAcube. Below the individual tables are codes, under which you can find in the database data available in electronic form for a longer time period.

Compared to last year's edition, the chapter Labour Market is enriched with data from the Ad hoc module on accidents at work and work-related health problems. In the chapter Health, we have added three new tables with indicators on the health status of the population, drug addiction and suicide. The number of new cases of Covid-19 was involved to the table on selected infectious diseases. In the chapter Gender Statistics we again included tables with data on body mass index - BMI and smoking obtained from the European Health Interview Survey (EHIS 2019) broken down into men and women. Data for both sexes together are available in two new tables in the chapter Health.

The printed publication includes a CD-ROM with data in PDF format.

The Statistical Yearbook SR 2021 in printed form published and distributed by VEDA, the Publishing House of the Slovak Academy of Sciences can be purchased online at the web site or directly in the bookstore VEDA at Štefánikova 3, Bratislava.


Searching for information in the Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic:

Searching for data from a specific area – searching by chapters

  • select the area you are interested in and click to open it
  • the individual chapters belonging to the given statistics area are displayed
  • by clicking on the title of the chapter, a compressed file with tables will be downloaded to your computer, the first sheet contains a list of all tables forming the chapter, on the other sheets with the table designation, you will find data for individual indicators
  • each chapter contains a file with methodological explanations, definitions of individual statistical indicators and information about the sources of published data

Searching for data by password

  • click on the Index
  • the passwords that appear in the tables are displayed in alphabetical order
  • find the required password
  • for each password you will find the designations of the tables in which the password is located (e.g. T20–16: T means that it is a table, 20 represents the chapter number, 16 is the order of the table in the chapter)
  • find the table (e.g. T20–16) in the chapters under the Index, (e.g. chapter 20 is in the Sectoral Statistics, in the chapter 20. Trade, Catering , Accommodation) by clicking on the name of the chapter, a compressed file containing tables will be downloaded to your computer, after opening the file, table T20–16 is located on the sheet T20–16

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